Theme Round

The Theme Round takes a phrase or idea and lets the artist interpret however they choose. In the past we have done “Faerie Tales” and “String Theory.”


In 2018, the theme is INVOKING THE MUSES.

Artistic inspiration can come from anywhere, but in ancient Greece, they believed that 9 goddesses of literature, science, music, and arts, gave creators their inspiration. In modern times, we call *anyone* who inspires us a muse. In fact, the word “museum” actually means a place to worship muses.

During this Queen City Art Swap round, you are challenged to take the muse and inspirations of your assigned artist, and create something for them, using your own distinct voice. A recent study in Japan revealed that art students who directly copied works of the masters found they had more creative output because reframing the way they work challenged their brains and perspectives*. This does not necessarily mean you have to copy a classic piece of art…but it might be a good starting point for a source of inspiration!

You will be using the questionnaire you receive at the end of February as your muse. Be thoughtful how you answer the questions below, because it will be the source of inspiration for another artist.

Dates to Remember:

February 19th: Registration Ends
March 5th: Studio Time at The Creamery ** 6pm to 8pm
May 7th: Mail Date

Please share along with your process and journey, through posting to our Queen City Art Swap group on Facebook, or using the #queencityartswap on Instagram. Further links are below. Please contact me if you have any questions!

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